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Rolling Oaks Newsletter
Welcome to our Rolling Oaks Community News Letter.  Click on any link below to find out what's new and what's going on in our community.

October Newsletter
We have the matching funds ReNew Grant award..!   That's right  $15,000.00 from Orange County.   Under Orange County grant rules, this money and our matching funds can be used for the main entrance fence restoration, landscaping, irrigation, signage and lighting.   We are also installing the gradually rising speed humps on Yvonne Street.
Unfortunately this Grant money can not be used for the new wood that will be used for the front entrance fence. Orange County will only pay for painting of our existing fence, not for new materials.  And since we need "new wood" for the fence we have to use our own funds.  This is an Orange County rule.   We must use our own community money for the purchase of the wood.  All other work on the project will be funded with our current grant and matching funds.

Our most important needs now are:
1:  For you and your neighbor to volunteer to help with the work on the project.
2:  Collect the remaining money needed to purchase the wood for the front entrance fence.
3:  For all of you to come to our next meeting to vote on decisions we will make and share in your ideas.
Please come to our next meeting at the First United Methodist Church on Park Ave., here in Apopka.  October 15, Tuesday night at 7:00pm. 

Friday October 18 we have scheduled a large dumpster to be placed at the front entrance of Yvonne and Thompson.  We need Volunteers to begin the fence teardown and cleanup of the front entrance area on Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20.

This is it folks... after months of planning we are set to begin....!

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