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Monthly Meeting
For those of you who can not make it to our Monthly  Rolling Oaks Community Meeting; here you will find the Agenda and Minutes of each months  meeting. 


Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting
February 25, 2003

1.  Review Meeting minutes from October, 2002 meeting
2.  Rolling Oaks Enhancement Fund Balance
3.  Neighborhood Watch / Community Patrol
4.  Orange County Sheriff's Office Selective Enforcement Program
5.  ReNew Grant Progress

1.  a)  September Meeting Minutes:  Discussed need for additional Block Captains & community Watch Patrol volunteers.
ReNew Grant was awarded.  revised to $17,500.00 from $14,200.00.
 Fence Materials & Construction.

2.  The Rolling Oaks Enhancement Fund balance as of 2-25-03 is $6,056.83.

3.  Please sign up to be a Block Captain or volunteer for the Community Patrol Program.  sign up sheet available at front entrance of       
meeting room.

4.  Selective Enforcement is an Orange County Sheriff's Office traffic control program.  Please contact Orange County Sheriff's Office at 407-317-7640 to request deputy to patrol a specific area of the neighborhood where speeding is a common problem.

The Sheriff's Office will post speed traps to issue citations to problematic speeders and reckless drivers.

5.  ReNew grant construction currently progressing quite well.  100% of the electrical system is installed and ready for operation.  The Rolling Oaks Board need only contact Florida Power to install meter for system.  A new entrance address has been established and Progressive Energy (previously Florida Power) will bill Rolling Oaks Community.  Billing will be sent to the sitting President of the Rolling Oaks Volunteer Community Committee.

Irrigation has been connected to existing well pump; piping has been installed and capped, ready for addition of sprinkler heads.  Heads to be added after landscaping is installed.  All times and controls also installed and wired.

The materials for the entrance fence have been ordered.  That's right... an extremely generous donation from Bowman Electric has provided the remaining 95% of the finances needed for the purchase of the materials.  We are very fortunate to live here in Rolling Oaks with such great neighbors and friends to make this goal a reality.  Again, thank you Bill and Arline Bowman of Bowman Electric.

As everyone has seen, the speed humps are in and are a great success.  Not only has the speed of vehicles decreased, the volume of cars has dropped off.  Neighbors are very pleased.  Only a few negative comments have been made.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

At the entrance to tonight's meeting, everyone should have seen a "fence construction schedule and sign up sheet". See schedule below.

Well, it's time to get to work.  With the exception of the fence, licensed contractors have provided most of the work to complete the entrance renovation.  Well here is your chance to pitch in and be a part of history.  "The Reconstruction of the Rolling Oaks Community".  This enhancement will not only beautify or neighborhood; it will also increase our property values.  Realtor's all over Central Florida are talking  about neighborhoods such as ours.  A neighborhood alive with community spirit and a commitment to live our lives safe and comfortable.

Please don't miss this chance to rebuild our neighborhood.  Sign up sheets will be circulated or available by contacting Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058.

At this time the floor will be open to discussion regarding the schedule and construction of the entrance fence.

Fence Construction Schedule

    February 26, 2003     Order fence material / screws & tap cons-Mills / Nebraska -- Mark Truenow
    March  3     Deliver material to Bryan Wagner Painting
    March  3 - 14     Wood dry-out period / Prepare for storage
    April  12 - 13     Cut and prepare wood for priming and painting -Rolling Oaks Residents Volunteers
    April  14 - 18     Prime wood ((6 sides - all pieces) - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  14 - 18     Paint wood (6 sides - all pieces) - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  5 - 6     Pressure wash foundation & columns
    April  21 - 25     Repair / seal cracks and finish of foundation & columns - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  21 - 25     Prime foundation and columns - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  28 - May 2     Paint foundation and columns - Bryan Wagner Painting
    May  10 -11     Construct 1 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
    May  17 -18     Construct 2 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
    May  24 - 25     Construct 3 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
    May  31 / June 1     Construct 4 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
       * Number of fence sections constructed and number of week-ends required are based on proficiency of construction crews.

      To sign up and Volunteer, directions to the construction site please call Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058




Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting
October 15, 2002
Note:  Minutes of meeting below...

1.  Review September Meeting Minutes
2.  Bank Balance
3.  Neighborhood Watch / Neighborhood Patrol Program
4.  Entrance Fence Renovations

September Meeting Minutes
Bank balance in Sept. was @ $5,848.50.  Neighborhood Watch program was discussed.  More volunteers needed.  Several people interested in Street Captain and Patrol programs.
ReNew Grant construction plans were discussed.  Plans for a pre-construction meeting of Contractors was discussed and agreed upon.
Construction material for the fence is still needed.  Grant does not pay for building materials.  It was preliminarily determined that approx. $2,500 would be needed for wood / screws / etc.  Several residents volunteered their time to research their resources / jobs for better prices / deals for building materials.

Bank Balance
The enhancement grant fund bank balance is now $5,993.50.

Neighborhood Watch / Patrol Programs
All those interested in signing up tonight to be block captains please do so.  We are very close to meeting our goal of 35 Block Captains (one per ten houses).
Also, the patrol program to obtain a marked Orange County Patrol Car is still active.  8 more volunteers are needed to meet our goal of 14.  for more details on the patrol program please see Phil Rohm after the meeting.

Speed Hump Program
The official Orange County Commission voted on September 24th for the installation of speed humps on Yvonne Street.  There was not a vote for a MSTU (temporary tax increase to property owners) to pay off the speed humps.  The cost to install the speed humps was paid for through our Grant funding.  Therefore when the Rolling Oaks speed hump installation came up for a vote, it was confirmed as a "Consent to Vote" issue.  Installation passed.  We are presently waiting to be placed on the construction schedule for Traffic Engineering and the Roads & Drainage Dept.  Preliminary dates for installation is around the end of October.

Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting....Minutes:
October 15, 2002

Reviewed September minutes.

Will use Mr. Driggers well for landscaped irrigation.

Read the current amount of the Rolling Oaks fund as $5,993.50.

Again discussed the possibility of a neighborhood newsletter to ask for a yearly contribution to the Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Enhancement Fund.

We still need volunteer block captains for the Neighborhood Watch Program.

The county has approved the speed humps, and installation should happen soon.

The entrance fence removal will start this Saturday.  The dumpster fee will be $200.00.  We will work in three groups; tree trimming (day lighting), fence removal, and landscape clearing.  Volunteers should bring tools, hard hats, and gloves.  See Phil or James for a construction schedule.

Orange County will redo north side of entrance.

Checking with the power company about moving the light pole at entrance.

Mark T. has gotten the price for the lumber to under $1,000.00.

The county is cracking down on dual axle trucks and trailers.

The flood plane elevation has changed to 73 feet.  Homes in neighborhood should not need flood insurance.


Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting
September 17, 2002
Note:  Minutes of meeting below...

1.  Bank Balance
2.  Neighborhood Watch
3.  ReNew Grant
4.  Fence Construction

Bank Balance
As of 9-17-02 the balance of the Rolling Oaks Community Enhancement Fund is  $5,848.50.

Neighborhood Watch
We are still looking for about ten more block captains to complete our Neighborhood Watch Team.  Please sign up tonight if you have not already done so.  We will be contacting all Block Captains in the near future to get the watch program organized.

We are trying to apply for a Rolling Oaks Community Watch Patrol Car from the Orange County Sheriff's Office.  We need approximately nine more people to qualify for the program.  The program involves training from the Orange County Sheriff's Office.  This is a very exciting program.  Please see Phil Rohm after tonight's meeting or call 407-880-4058 for more details.

Rolling Oaks ReNew Grant
Hooray, Hooray!  we did it...!  Rolling Oaks has received the $15,000.00 Grant from Orange County.  On August 18th Orange County Chairman Richard Crotty presented the funding letter to Rolling Oaks at the Orange County Community Awards Banquet.

Construction is scheduled to begin the 1st week of October.  A pre-construction meeting with the contractors is scheduled for October 1st.

At this time it is imperative that everyone sign up to volunteer his or her time for the demolition and construction of the new entrance fence.  Licensed contractors will will install all other services; landscaping, irrigation, lighting, signage and speed humps.  Please sign up tonight or call Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058 or James Allen at 407-880-2484.

A construction schedule is currently being developed and will be available after the pre-construction meeting.  The schedule will clarify and coordinate the timing of the contractors and resident involvement.

Please visit the Rolling Oaks web site for details and the publication of the construction schedule.  The schedule will also be available by contacting James Allen at 407-880-2484 or Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058.

The schedule for the installation of the Yvonne St. speed humps is slated for the end of October.  Orange County crews should take about one week to install the humps.

Fence Construction
As I have indicated in our past meetings, the material for the fence (i.e. wood and nails) was not part of the funding from Orange County ReNew Grant.  We are still seeking donations and contributions to purchase the fence material.  Several ideas have been discussed from a block party to a walk-a -thon to collect approximately $2,500.00 needed to purchase the needed  materials.

We are also working with the contractors to value engineer their bids in order to seek credit to go towards the fence materials.  This will be discussed in further detail at the October 1st pre-construction meeting between the contractors and the Rolling Oaks Board members.

Should anyone know of a company or corporation that would be interested in making a donation towards the improvement of our community please contact any board member.

Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting....Minutes:
September 17, 2002

Read the current amount of the Rolling Oaks Fund as $5,848.50.  Discussed the option of asking residences for a yearly contribution for the future power bill for the fence lighting and the upkeep of the landscaping.

We still need about ten block Captains for the Neighborhood watch Program.  We will refer to the neighbor map to find when we are in need of the Block Captains so we can get this program running.

We also need additional volunteers for the Community watch Program.  In this program the Orange County Sheriff's Office provides a car for the trained residents to patrol the neighborhood.

Rolling Oaks received a ReNew Grant of $14,802.50.  This grant is to be used for redoing the entrance fence and the speed humps an Yvonne Street.  There will be a pre-construction meeting the first week of October, with the construction starting later the same month.  The first progress report to the county is due November the 1st.  We need volunteers to help with the removal and replacement of the wooden portion of the fence.  Licensed contractors will do all of the other work.  We also need additional funds for the expense of the pressure treated wood.  A block party will be held to help raise money.  We would like to maintain a bank balance of $500.00 during this construction.

Please remember contributions may be made on the web page.

Phil Rohm will check  with the county and see if the paving at the entrance can be improved.

The colors for the fencing have not been chosen at this time.

A question was raised about the possible need for a water meter for the irrigation system, or if we should use the homeowners water supply.  Also, it was asked if the streetlight pole at the corner of Yvonne could be moved.

The new fence lighting will probably be put on a timer.

Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting
July 25, 2002

This months meeting was short but packed with information on the up coming, eagerly awaited Orange County 2002 Community Conference.   This will take place Saturday August 17 at the Orlando Expo Center, 500 West Livingston St. Downtown Orlando.  This conference as described below will feature many useful workshops you may  attend as well as lunch served.  At the end of the conference at approximately 4:15 pm, the winners of the ReNEW Grant will be announced and all of us here at Rolling Oaks hope to be among them...!
To attend the conference please print out the below application and send it in along with the $10.00 per person registration fee.  Hope to see you there...!!



Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting
May 21, 2002  Meeting

1.  Review April Meeting Minutes
2.  Enhancement Fund Balance
3.  Neighborhood Watch Program
4.  Speed Hump Ballot Results
5.  Rolling Oaks ReNew Projects

Review April Meeting Minutes

A.  Fund Balance $2,769.00
B.  ReNew Grant Status
C.  Speed hump Program
D.  Fund Raising
E.  Neighborhood Watch

Enhancement Fund Balance

The enhancement fund balance is $5,573.00.   We are still taking donations for the Enhancement Fund.  Donations will go towards the replacement materials for the fence renovation.   Also additional funds will still be needed to maintain the entrance improvements should the ReNew Grant be awarded to Rolling Oaks. (i.e. water / electric)

The Car Wash was a great success.  We raised $266.00 for 6 hours of car washing.  Special thanks to the following families and individuals for their volunteer efforts:
1.  The Rohm's - Phil, Kaleina and Aaron
2.  The Bowman's - Bill, Arline, Seth, Katie and Ian
3.  The Klein's _ Julie, Kristen and Lauren
4.  Bill Hejl
5.  Veronica Aiken
6.  The Swanson's - Eric and Brandon
7.  Robert Snowden Jr.

Also thank you to those of you that came by and had your vehicle washed.  Some came by and made donations even without having their vehicle washed.   We have plans to conduct another car wash or two between now and August 17th.  We need volunteers... please sign up at the volunteer table.

Fund balance April 17th was $2769.00, $485.00 was collected at the last meeting, and fund balance May as of May 18th is $5,573.00.   We doubled our fund balance in only 30 days.

The walk-a-thon conducted on Sunday, April 21th was an outstanding day for collecting donations.  Several families volunteered to walk door to door and distribute the Rolling Oaks Updates and collect donations.   We covered approximately 150 homes and collected $1,250.00.   We also received pledges that were later collected in the amount of $550.00 for a total of $1,800.00.   A special thank you to the following families and individuals for their community service to our neighborhood.

1.   Larry and Julie Klein
2.   Bill Hejl
3.   Michele Truenu
4.   Tom Best
5.   Joe McQuade
6.   David Prest
7.   James Alen

Some ideas have been discussed between some of the board members for future fund raising ideas.   I would like to bring it to the attention of the neighborhood residents at this time.   One idea has been mentioned to publish a newsletter to be delivered to each home asking for an annual donation of $ ??.   Amount to be discussed and voted on by the community.   Additional idea's also include a raffle with the prize to be awarded at the monthly meeting.

Neighborhood Watch

We are still trying to enlist approximately 16 more block Captains to rejuvenate the neighborhood watch program.   This will also provide for new and additional watch signs to be posted through-out the neighborhood.   Remember that we are not looking for anything other than an additional pair of eyes to be aware of the surroundings of your neighbors.   That's all it takes to be a Block Captain.   Please sign up at the entrance table to show your support in reducing crime within our community.

Speed Hump Program

The speed hump program was a success.   We have met the 66% majority to qualify for the construction of speed humps.   The construction will begin immediately  after the ReNew program grants are awarded.   Should Rolling Oaks receive the grant, Frank Yokiel with Orange County Traffic Engineering will make an appearance at our monthly meeting to discuss the speed hump installation program.   He will also address any and all questions that we may have.

I am very proud of those of you that live within our community that voted for the speed humps.   Your fellow Yvonne Street neighbors applaud you and thank you for your support.   As we have indicated, for years we have exhausted all efforts to resolve the speeding, accidents and deaths that have occurred on this street.   These efforts include years of weekly calls to Orange County Sheriff's office for selective enforcement; letters to County and City officials; parking our vehicles on the side of the road; the efforts go on and on.   Now we have succeeded in the next step to the successful installation of speed humps.   We feel confident that this will help in the speeding issues and reducing the traffic volume.

o those of you who opposed the speed hump installation, we respect your votes.   We only hope not to cause division in the community.   we feel confident that after the installation you will find the desin of the humps to be a minor inconvenience in comparison to the security it will bring to all of your fellow neighbors.

Rolling Oaks ReNew Grant

It's finally completed.   The application has been officially filed with Orange County Planning.   Now we wait.   I encourage all residents to attend the August 17th Orange County Community Conference for the final announcement of thee ReNew Grant recipients.   Orange County will not be leaking out this information until the day of the conference.   Approximately !:00 pm Orange County will officially announce the winners of the capital Enhancement Grants.

All Grants are being awarded equally to each county district.   Rolling Oaks is in district 2 - Bob Sindler is our Orange County Representative.   Each Representative appoints a reviewer to oversee the applications for his or her district.   The best presentation of the applications, the immediate needs to the specific community and how it will benefit each and adjacent neighborhoods determines who will be awarded funds for their community.   Let's all pull together and hope for the best.   This will be the beginning of some really great things for our community.   Remember, be there August 17th, 2002 at the Expo Center, Orlando.   events start at approximately 8:00 am and will last throughout the day.   Grant winners will be announced around 1:00 pm.   Additional details to follow...

Future Rolling Oaks Projects

As indicated in September of 2001 at our first community n\meeting, we are all committed to make our neighborhood a safer, fun and attractive neighborhood to live in.

we all have great ideas to implement to our community.   These idea's will enhance our property values, enrich community spirit.   Some ideas to date are on the books to undertake after our 2002/2003 ReNew Grant project.   Some of those ideas are:

1.   Improve Street Lighting
2.   Add curb edging in Rolling Oaks Unit 1 parcel
3.   Children's Playground

Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting
February 12, 2002  Meeting.... Agenda:
Note: Minutes of meeting below.

Items to Discuss:

A.  Review January Meeting Minutes
B.  Review Bank Balance
C.  Nominate / Elect Board Members
D.  Grant Application
E.  Speed Bump Petition
F.  Neighborhood Watch Programs

A.  January Meeting Minutes

B.  Review Blank Balance:  February bank balance as of 2-12-02 is $1949.00.   Please donate to the fund, we need your support.  A secure merchant account program called "PayPal" is now up and running on our website for you to easily contribute a donation with your credit card...!

C.  Nominate / Elect Board Members:  Officers needed are as follows:
      Vice President:
      Newsletter Editor:
Election of officers is to better organize and represent the community for such things as Review Grant Application, requesting country assistance and organizing community events.   Officers job description will be posted on the web and available for review at the home of Philip Rohm.  Contact him at 407-889-4058 or   
Open floor to nominations.   Please identify yourself and voice your nomination.

D.  Grant Application:  Application for capital grant is presently being prepared by the Grant Committee; Phil Rohm, Larry Klein, Perry Walker and John LoRusso.   Capital Grant is for $10,000 to $25,000 with a 50% match.

Letter of Intent is due February 22, 2002.   If 60 points or more are obtained from this submission, Rolling Oaks will become eligible to receive a capital grant application.   Capital Grant Application is due May 17, 2002.   Grants will be awarded and announced to winners on August 2, 2002.   Location is still to be determined.

We are also applying for the Neighborhood Enhance Grant.   This grant is for $1000. to $6000. with a $250. match.   Details for this grant are available from Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058 or 

E.  Speed Bump Petition:  This was a great success.   99% of all Yvonne Street residents have supported and signed the petition on Yvonne Street East of Rolling Oaks.  This is required in order to provide speed bumps for the entire length of Yvonne Street, from Lake Pleasant to Thompson Rd.   Cost of speed bumps are eligible grant items and will be paid for with funds from the Capital Grant.

F.  Neighborhood Watch:  Neighborhood Watch is slowly progressing.   We curently have 5 Block Captains.   This is 33 short of our goal.   Block Captains are vital to our neighborhood.   We need people to volunteer to be block captains tonight.   I will be happy to explain the minimal requirements to everyone.   Please refer to previous meeting agendas for those requirements.

We also have obtained 6 volunteers for our Volunteer Neighborhood Patrol Program.   we still need 9 people to step up.   Show your support for your community and volunteer tonight.   Talk to your neighbors over the next couple of days and have them call Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058

Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Meeting....Minutes:
February 12, 2002

Read minutes from January meeting.

Read the current amount of the Rolling Oaks Fund as $1949.00 and noted that "PayPal" a secure online merchant service is now available on the Rolling Oaks web site for contributions using a credit card.

Discussed the need to elect board members. Decided to hold off on putting in place a permanent board at this time.  So an acting board was put in place.  The acting board is as follows:

Acting Exective Board:

President:  Phil Rohm
Vice President:  David Butema
2nd Vice President:  Veronica Aikens
Treasurer:  Steve Dehaney
Secretary:  Perry Walker
Webmaster:  John LoRusso
Newsletter Editor:  James Allen

The two available Orange County Grants for neighborhood enhancements were discussed.  The Capital Grant and the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant.  Contractors are currently submitting bids for this work.  The "Neighborhood Enhancement Grant" has a letter of intent due by February 22nd.  Phil Rohm is to submit the letter of intent.

The results of the speed bump petition foe Yvonne Street were given as a great success.  The plan is to have the speed bumps  from Thompson Road to Lake Pleasant Street at a spacing of about 400 ft: this would give a total of nine speed bumps.  The cost is estimated at $1,400.00 each with some of the grant money going toward this item.

Discussed the need to get the neighborhood watch program put into place with the goal of getting one Block Captain for every ten homes and one Block Coordinator for each 100 home. Three groups of two volunteered for a Volunteer Committee to go door to door throughout the neighborhood.  They will be signing up volunteers, Block Captains and informing residents of the community enhancements and improvements.

Volunteer Committee:

James Allen
John LoRusso
David Prest
Veronica Aikens
Phil Rohm
Perry Walker

Make a donation to the Rolling Oaks Community Enhancement Fund

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