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Rolling Oaks Residents

This page contains contact information for all homeowners and residents of Rolling Oaks.  From here you can find and keep in touch with your neighbors by  e-mail, phone, street address or visit their personal home pages.  
This database of 385 residents will take time to complete.  Only your name and street address will be published. For those of you who would like to have more information published such as phone number, email address, web address, photo of your house and family please send to webmaster at   If you do not have access to a digital camera let me know and I will stop by.   We respect your privacy and will not include and information you do not wish to display. 

Resident Listing by Street Address

bulletSilver Fox Circle
bulletCheetah Trail
bulletYvonne Street 
bulletJaguar Circle 
bulletTimberwolf Trail
bulletElk Court
bulletKangaroo Court
bulletLeopard Court
bulletGrizzly Court


bulletRed Fox Court
bulletGray Squirrel Court
bulletBison Circle
bulletLlama Court
bulletBob Cat Court
bulletWildcat Court
bulletCamel Court
bulletBlack Bear Court

  You can now make a donation to the Rolling Oaks Community Enhancement Fund with your Credit Card

Silver Fox Circle

John LoRusso
son, James Knott
1500 Silver Fox Circle
Street Captain / Webmaster


Mary Goldman 1501 Silver Fox Circle
Thomas Murray 1508 Silver Fox Circle
Elnie Stevens 1509 Silver Fox Circle
Christine Schuchman 1516 Silver Fox Circle
Darryll Bell 1517 Silver Fox Circle
Debbey Nembhard 1524 Silver Fox Circle
Gary Chung 1525 Silver Fox Circle
Roger Spears 1532 Silver Fox Circle
"The Briggs Family"
1533 Silver Fox Circle
John McClafferty 1540 Silver Fox Circle
Stephen Fulmer 1541 Silver Fox Circle
Arthur Averett Jr. 1548 Silver Fox Circle
Gerald Markwith Jr. 1549 Silver Fox Circle
Anthony Connelly 1556 Silver Fox Circle
Craig Stark 1564 Silver Fox Circle
Amos Akerman lll 1572 Silver Fox Circle
Thomas Best 1580 Silver Fox Circle
Patrick Morse 1602 Silver Fox Circle
Donna Mahnken 1610 Silver Fox Circle
The Thomas Family
Michael, Michelle, Andrew, Spunky & Cheynne
1618 Silver Fox Circle
Hervey Kolomyski 1619 Silver Fox Circle
Andrew Berhow 1626 Silver Fox Circle
Mark Truenow 1627 Silver Fox Circle
Tammy Rickstew 1634 Silver Fox Circle
Leland Goans 1635 Silver Fox Circle
John Bentley  1642 Silver Fox Circle
Fred Dunn 1643 Silver Fox Circle
Merrilyn Wood 1650 Silver Fox Circle
Bernice Yovis 1651 Silver Fox Circle
Steven Kaminsky 1658 Silver Fox Circle
Bobby Fort 1666 Silver Fox Circle
James Allen 1667 Silver Fox Circle
Dennis McAuliffe 1674 Silver Fox Circle
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Cheetah Trail

Phil & Kaleina Rohm
sons, Tripp, Ryan & Aaron
600 Cheetah Trail
Block Captains
Sandra L. Boucher 405 Cheetah Trail
Michelle M. Rawls 406 Cheetah Trail
David A. Chambers 411 Cheetah Trail
Anthony R. Matukas 417 Cheetah Trail
Jack B. Staiger 423 Cheetah Trail
Ronald Holmes 429 Cheetah Trail
Thomas D. Gandy 436 Cheetah Trail
Johanna Burt 442 Cheetah Trail
Johanna Burt 448 Cheetah Trail
Paul A. Norris 502 Cheetah Trail
James N. Jasperson 508 Cheetah Trail
Alrick Hammar 514 Cheetah Trail
Alex R. Kownacki 520 Cheetah Trail
Stanley Baldwin 526 Cheetah Trail
Jeffrey Green 532 Cheetah Trail
Stephen A. Dehaney 607 Cheetah Trail
James D. Belcher 608 Cheetah Trail
Thomas Diggs 615 Cheetah Trail
Lawrence Cole 616 Cheetah Trail
Larry W. Brigman 623 Cheetah Trail
Terry Knight Jr. 624 Cheetah Trail
Paul Rook 632 Cheetah Trail
Jeffery S. Boyd 702 Cheetah Trail
John & Tina Patterson 709 Cheetah Trail
William G  Bowman 710 Cheetah Trail
Carey Mcgee 717 Cheetah Trail
Willard M. Jackson 718 Cheetah Trail
Robert D Snowden 725 Cheetah Trail
Bill Stewart 726 Cheetah Trail
Stephen H. Henderson III 734 Cheetah Trail
Larry & Julie Klein
741 Cheetah Trail
Block Captains
Allen R. Bissonnette 815 Cheetah Trail
Jeff & Tammy Engelbrecht
Children: Megan, Cole & Shadow
823 Cheetah Trail
Stephen T. Grupp 904 Cheetah Trail
Jeff Ward 912 Cheetah Trail
Scott R. Pendergast 920 Cheetah Trail
Susan L. Simmons 928 Cheetah Trail
T. Kristin Stutzman 936 Cheetah Trail
Gary B. Grant 944 Cheetah trail
Richard L. Lerch 952 Cheetah Trail
Kenneth J. Bogle 960 Cheetah Trail
Nancy L. Van De Steeg 1006 Cheetah Trail
Dallas E. Roach 1014 Cheetah Trail
Ila H. Touchton 1022 Cheetah Trail
William A. Norris 1030 Cheetah Trail
Richard D. Acker 1038 Cheetah Trail
Gordon L. Barnes 1046 Cheetah Trail
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Yvonne Street

Gennard Foster 1201 Yvonne Street
Joseph J. Driggers 1202 Yvonne Street
Michael P. Henry 1209 Yvonne Street
Charles E. Nickell 1210 Yvonne Street
Luis E. Carmona 1217 Yvonne Street
Andrew L. Armstrong 1218 Yvonne Street
Halkur A. Kumar 1225 Yvonne Street
John K. Michalski 1226 Yvonne Street
Perry L. Walker 1233 Yvonne Street
Mary D. Ellis 1234 Yvonne Street
James R. Carroll 1241 Yvonne Street
Sandra W. Hornett 1242 Yvonne Street
Ronald E. Prevesk Jr. 1249 Yvonne Street
Robert J. Riley 1250 Yvonne Street
James F. Price 1257 Yvonne Street
Alfred J. Taafe III 1258 Yvonne Street
John P. Besong 1265 Yvonne Street
Carolyn Gonzales & Virginia Underwood 1266 Yvonne Street
Jeffrey L. Cosnahan 1303 Yvonne Street
Carlos & Doreen deVillavilla
1304 Yvonne Street
Robert W. Van Ness 1311 Yvonne Street
Timothy A. Oden 1312 Yvonne Street
Donald E. Chapman 1319 Yvonne Street
Cynthia Boss 1320 Yvonne Street
Roderick D. Sherwin 1327 Yvonne Street
Otis Ray Monday 1328 Yvonne Street

Robert & Crystal Cipriani
Children One on the way...!

1335 Yvonne Street

William H. Peloquin 1336 Yvonne Street

Darlene & Barry Kuykendell
Ryeley, Casey, Bayley & Jaymey

1343 Yvonne Street
Chris Fitzgerald 1344 Yvonne Street
George H. Smallwood Sr. 1351 Yvonne Street
Frank J. Dailey 1352 Yvonne Street
Mark S. Auguletto 1359 Yvonne Street
Carlos M. Colon 1405 Yvonne Street
William D. Hejl 1413 Yvonne Street
Orange County BCC 1420 Yvonne Street
William Mohabier 1421 Yvonne Street
Kenneth E. Martin 1507 Yvonne Street
Brenden R. Behen 1508 Yvonne Street
David J. Kyne 1515 Yvonne Street
Kathryn Ann Branch-Keever 1516 Yvonne Street
Daniel R. Workman 1523 Yvonne Street
John E. Stelling 1524 Yvonne Street
Loren J. Hoy 1531 Yvonne Street
Detlef J. Adams 1532 Yvonne Street
Janet A. Chambers 1539 Yvonne Street
Cathy L. Jackson 1540 Yvonne Street
Barbara B. Jones 1547 Yvonne Street
Mona R. Moore 1548 Yvonne Street
Chris & Jennifer Morano
& children
1555 Yvonne Street
Samuel Grice 1556 Yvonne Street
Orange County BCC 1538 Yvonne Street
Orange County BCC 1560 Yvonne Street
Christopher M. Morano 1555 Yvonne Street
Robert S. Shipes 1563 Yvonne Street
Donald M. Swaney 1564 Yvonne Street

Bison Circle

Bill & Norma Acker
Bob, Tracy & Ashleigh

444 Bison Circle
Pamela Owens
son, Will
545 Bison Circle
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Leopard Court

Cheryl & Joe Kilsheimer 1513 Leopard Court

Gideon & Charlsie Otieno

1545 Leopard Court 

Jeff Danser & Jessica Perron

1553 Leopard Court 
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Jaguar Circle

Janice & Ron Poirier
Ron, Tina & Andy
1430 Jaguar Circle

Peggy Eads
Daughter, Ashley Eads

1601 Jaguar Circle
Greg & Naydyne Pennington
Daughter, Melissa
1550 Jaguar Circle

The Grant Family
James, Caren, Jonathan, Hannah,
Megan, Christa & Jean

1558 Jaguar Circle
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Grizzly Court

Tom & Deby Seymour
son, Gary

1008 Grizzly Court

Jonas & Elena Pomales
Son,: David J. Pomales
1040 Grizzly Court
Street Captains

Ads In Motion

David J. Pomales Photography & Design

Eric & Tracey Swanson
1065 Grizzly Court

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Camel Court

Alan, Annie, Jason & Kim Garcia

1506 Camel Court
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Bob Cat Court

Coby & Vicki Mock
son, Tyler

1312 Bob Cat Court

Shantel & Tim Davis
Children ages 2,4,6 and 12
1324 Bob Cat Court

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Timberwolf Trail

Ken Lewton & Carlene Crevier
Kimberly & Valerie Lewton
Victoria Hovarter & Brandon Plachno

522 Timberwolf Trail

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Dexter & Jennifer Truss 1544 Kangaroo Court

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