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Front Entrance

Well folks, this is the page of the website many of us have been waiting for.  The new front entrance construction page. 

It all began September 17, 2001 on a cool Tuesday evening. A dozen or so residents meet at The Apopka Middle School Cafeteria.  Led by Phil Rohm and a small core group of residents, the first Rolling Oaks Community Meeting was held, to try and make some improvements to our subdivision. 

It has been just over a year now. That small group of residents have held together and with the help of many other talented volunteer residents have donated there time, money and their many skills to get us to this point.  During this past year we have not only held monthly meetings but raised nearly $6000.00 through meetings, a walk-a-thon through the neighborhood, and even a local car wash. With the application and recent award of a ReNew Grant from Orange County of nearly $15,000.00, we now can begin our front entrance construction project.

I will try and document the rebuilding of our new front entrance from start to finish.  From contractors to all the residents that generously volunteer there time and efforts to our community to make it a success.

But before you scroll down, take a moment to note the names of your neighbors that volunteered this past Saturday and Sunday.  And for those like myself that woke up the next day a bit sore, you can take pride in a job well done.  From all of us at Rolling Oaks, many thanks again.

Paul Tusing Jeff Boyd John Bouthy
Chris Tusing Steve Stevens Arline Bowman
Robert Snowden Jennifer Stevens Ian Bowmam
Don Workman Robbie Crudden Seth Bowman
Chris Workman Jay Belcher Tom Best
James Allen Mark Truenow Perry Walker
Elaine Beckford Ludlow Chambers David Prest
Phil Rohm John LoRusso  

Saturday and Sunday....October 19 - 20, 2002.  
With the delivery of a huge dumpster to the site at Yvonne Street early Saturday morning, the work of demolition begins.  Anxious volunteers of all ages begin digging up shrubs, trimming back tree's, tearing down the old wood fence, and cleaning up the entire site.

The morning begins with setting up.

Setting up the site signs and dumpster.

Removing  the old wood from the fence.

Showing our ReNew Grant signs on site.

Filling the dumpster with all the old fence wood

High up in the air on a ladder for the high stuff

Removing the nut and bolt hardware

Working as a team...

A group shot of part of the crew at the dumpster

Chris, hard at work all day...

Jeff Boyd + heavy chain + ford = shrub removal

Jeff  and his ford, pulling the shrubs out.

Jennifer Stevens and Elaine Beckford

Getting the heave logs to the dumpster

Mr. Chambers and Jeff Boyd, hard at work

Making good use of one of two chain saws

Mrs. Elaine Beckford trying on a new pair of gloves

Chris Workman  worked like the big boys

Trimming the trees and planning there next move.

Unfortunately we had an accident at our entrance.  All the more reason for our speed humps...

We could not have done it without the Bowman boys... Ian & Seth

Looking north ... after the clean up.

More work from David Prest

David Prest did a great job Sunday

All cleaned up..

All cleaned up...

November 2002
These photo's  show the pipe that was drilled under the road on Yvonne Street to connect the electrical and water to both sides of the road.  The electrical wires were strung to hook up the lights that will be used to light our new front entrance signs.




Next the cinder block pillars get power washed and patched to be premiered and painted.


December 2002
Ok folks... it's time to slow down on Yvonne Street, here comes the speed humps.  Orange County installed the 7 speed humps that run the entire length of Yvonne Street.



January 2003
Next up is the installation of the irrigation pvc pipes for the sprinkler system that will keep our front entrance landscaping looking green.



UPDATE:  October 28, 2002

Rolling Oaks Capital Grant Project Winning Contractors

Below are the Contractors that will be doing the work on our new front entrance.


Contractor Name

Contract Awarded

  FLEETSIGN   (3) Front Entrance Signs
  Bowman Electric Co.   Main Entrance Fence Sign Lighting
  Orange County Speed Hump Program   Raise Asphalt Platforms
  Eagle Landscaping Co.   Landscape, Plants, Gravel, Irrigation System
  Brian Wagner Painting & Maintenance Co.   Painting / Sealing / Primer Fence


Fence Construction Schedule

    February 26, 2003     Order fence material / screws & tap cons-Mills / Nebraska -- Mark Truenow
    March  3     Deliver material to Bryan Wagner Painting
    March  3 - 14     Wood dry-out period / Prepare for storage
    April  12 - 13     Cut and prepare wood for priming and painting -Rolling Oaks Residents Volunteers
    April  14 - 18     Prime wood ((6 sides - all pieces) - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  14 - 18     Paint wood (6 sides - all pieces) - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  5 - 6     Pressure wash foundation & columns
    April  21 - 25     Repair / seal cracks and finish of foundation & columns - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  21 - 25     Prime foundation and columns - Bryan Wagner Painting
    April  28 - May 2     Paint foundation and columns - Bryan Wagner Painting
    May  10 -11     Construct 1 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
    May  17 -18     Construct 2 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
    May  24 - 25     Construct 3 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
    May  31 / June 1     Construct 4 st (5) fence sections - Rolling Oaks Volunteers *
       * Number of fence sections constructed and number of week-ends required are based on proficiency of construction crews.

      To sign up and Volunteer, directions to the construction site please call Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058


April - June 2003
Now the fun begins....   The wood has had time to dry out and is primed and painted by Bryan Wagner.  Your neighborhood volunteers begin the construction of our long awaited new fence.  Over the next 2 months both sides of the front entrance begins to take shape and the wood is installed and completed.

Bryan Wagner did a great job of painting our new fence.

     Starting on the South side the construction begins...
       The South side fence starts to come together...
                       Lookin good.....!
      Bill Nejl making sure all the boards fit just right...
         A load of lumber is moved into place by
         Mark Treau and Mike Touchton
       OK... so a few of the guys are taking a little break...
   The North side has a fresh coat of paint and is ready
   for the new wood fence.   
Phil Rohm, Bill Heij and Perry Walker bolt a section together.

July 2003
Eagle landscaping is up next. With the fence construction finished workers begin clearing and leveling the ground with dirt.  Then the scrubs and plants get set into place.


July - September 2003
With the front fence project nearly completed the signs are next.  Below I show how the three cedar signs were constructed.

First I start out with a design.  I used my original design that I made for the Rolling Oaks web site and modified it a bit to work for outside signage.  Next I selected the 2x6 Cedar boards from several lumber yards.   All the boards were then run through a planner on three sides to get the edges and front sign face square, true and smooth.  I cut the boards to size and then drill a 1/4" hole lengthwise through each board to accommodate three 1/4" threads rods that will help prevent  the sign from splitting.  
Next comes the glue-up.  Using "Gorilla Glue" and bar clamps, the signs are set aside for 4 hours to cure with the threaded rods in place.   Once the glue has cured the bar clamps are removed, the excess glue scraped off  and each sign face is sanded smooth.
Using a pattern  for each of the signs, I transfer the design to the cedar signs.
Its time to go to work and start cutting the designs out with a saber saw...
The signs are then given two cotes each of an oil base primer and two top cotes of white oil base enamel.  Each cote is let to dry a full day.  I then cut the sign design out with my 30' sign plotter.   The material is cut from sandblast matt that is used for sandblasting signs and monuments.
The matt material is applied to the signs and then all three signs are brought to the "sandblaster" who uses a fine sand and 110 lbs of high pressure to remove the wood that is not covered with the matt material to a dept of about 1/2". 
Now comes the fun part, the painting.   After several days of experimenting with sever color combinations I came up with what is now are sign colors.

After several cotes of primer again on the bare wood that was sandblasted away I also apply two cotes of white enamel top cote.  I chose a light gray with a bit of teal mixed in to create the background color.  Next I painted the "Oak" tree leaves several shades of green.  For the tree and branches I used a metallic bronze color.  Metallic bronze was also used for the 3/8" outline around the sign as well as the ornamental designs on each end and bottom of the sign.  The border and letters were then painted in metallic gold.  Next I hand painted a dark teal outline around the   words "Rolling Oaks". With the sign colors complete the signs were left to dry for two days to cure.  Last I applied  the clear coat.  I used Dupont Imron, a two part polyurethane automotive paint.  With a total of up to 11 coats of paint the Rolling Oaks signs were completed. 

One final detail.  I added the Rolling Oaks web address to the gold panel on the two front signs in green vinyl.

With the help of Phil Rohm, the two of us loaded up the three signs in my van and we installed them.    September 17, 2003.
Well folks, it took a while but we finally reached our goal of the complete restoration of out front entrance at Yvonne Street.   CONGRATS...!

 Over this past year I have tried to document on this page not only the progress but the many people who volunteered to make this project a success.  Not only the contractors but many of your resident neighbors, and there kids that gave up perhaps a day or weekend when we needed them for a scheduled task on the project. 

Looking back we set out to accomplish a formidable task, not knowing all the answers but working as a community we overcame the many  problems that often present themselves with an undertaking this size. 

 So now twice a day when you leave for work in the morning and again on your return home, you can take pride in your new front entrance.  I think you can now safely say that as residents here in "Rolling Oaks",  we got the nicest community entrance here in Apopka....!  


Check back for more reports and updates soon.

Copyright 2001
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