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Rolling Oaks Community Enhancement Fund
Below are some recent updates:

Well folks, we won a grant from the Orange County ReNEW Capital Grant Project...!
For those who were not able to attend I have enclosed a few photos of the actual award being announced and presented.

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Community President Phil Rohm Jr. steps up to receive our award.
  Group Photo of all the Capital Grant Awards of  $10 - $25,000.00
         Group of us at our table.  Phil displaying award letter... $$$                  
  Group photo of us with Orange County Chairman Richard Crotty.
       Actual letter we received to acknowledge the ReNEW Grant award.

Also of note Phil Rohn Jr. was honored by receiving  one of only two "Orange County Community Recognition Awards".   Congratulations Phil...! 
And to all those in our community who have worked these past months to volunteer and donate there time and money to make this award happen... THANKS..! 
Now that we have our award, we begin the next phase.  Demolition and construction of the front entrance and landscape area at Thompson and Yvonne.  We hope that those of you that can volunteer in any way contact Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058.


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Above is the "Letter of Intent" we recently received from the Orange County ReNEW Capital Project Grant.   This letter acknowledges that we have qualified to proceed to the next step in our grant process.  As you can see; we scored very well in submitting our application.  Below is the application.


Above is the 6 page Letter of Intent that Phil Rohm submitted on February 22.  This is the actual Letter of Intent he sent in to apply for the Orange County ReNEW Capital Grant.  Omitted are the 15 bids from subcontractors submitted along with this application. 

For those who have not attended a community meeting nor seen a sketch of the new improvements that will be happening soon to our subdivision; I have enclosed a few photos of what the entrance fence on Thompson and Yvonne will look like.   Along with the new fence, signage, landscape, lighting, and sprinkler system we also will be installing speed bumps on Yvonne Street.

The next step in the grant application process will take place on May 17th when we will submit the final grant application.  Our $24,000.00 Grant requires a Community Matching Funds of $9200.00... of which $3900.00 is made up in labor and $5300.00 in cash.

The Grants will be awarded in August.

As you can see we still need funds to be able to meet our "matching funds requirement" to be able to get our grant so if you haven't yet made a donation, please help and donate to the Community Enhancement Fund.  We  need everyone's help...!

May 18,  2002
Fund Total:  $5,573.00

Your presence at the meeting really helps us all get to know one another and share ideas.  We all may not be able to contribute money but just as important is your contribution of  time and interest as a motivation to others.  We all can contribute, whatever it be cash, labor or just old fashion support.

To contribute to the Community Enhancement  Fund use your Credit Card or call one of the three residents below.

Phil Rohm
600 Cheetah Trail
Bill Bowman
710 Cheetah Trail
Steve Dehaney
607 Cheetah Trail

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