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This is a PRIVATE Web Board for residents of Rolling Oaks ONLY.  If you are a resident and would like to enter in any of the discussion forums you must first register to receive a password. 

To register and receive the password, resident must complete all information below.  I will then call you by phone to confirm your information and give you the password

              Resident Information...Please identify yourself.   * indicates required field

        First Name *  
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Best time to call *
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This page contains the Rolling Oaks Private Web Board.  Here all residents can post  there thoughts and comments to "all of us" in the community.   Use this Discussion Web Board to share and suggest ideas among us in a public dialog with all other residents. 
IMPORTANT: Fill out and submit the above form to me and wait until you get your Rolling Oaks Web Board Password from me before you continue on into the Discussion Web.
Once you have received your "resident password" enter the "Discussion Web" and register your personal "user name and password" by clicking on "Register an Account" link at the bottom of the Rolling Oaks Web Board page.  There you can create a Global or Local Account with EZBOARD.COM, the third party software that will host our Web Board.  I recommend creating a Global Account so you have the ability to later access other Community Web Boards on the web if you wish.  If you select a Global Account you will also need to create a Local Account to access our Private Rolling Oaks Web Board.  ( This may seam a little confusing but as you register your Global and Local Accounts it walks you through it fairly easily.)    Registering both Global and Local Accounts requires you to enter virtually the same information.  The Local Account also requires you to  enter the Rolling Oaks Password that you received from me.   Without entering this password you will not be able to enter the Rolling Oaks Web Board.  Once you have registered your accounts you will receive a email from EZBOARD with instructions to validate your account.  

"ALL" residents will be eligible to establish an account and participate in our Community Web Board.  Those under 18 will have there own "password" and there own exclusive Form called Teen Form.  The difference will be that this form will be monitored.  All posts by young adults will be "reviewed for content" before they are posted to ensure that no inappropriate language is used.  I assure all young adults that free speech will be upheld... just not bad manners.  Anyone attempting a "post" not fit for your mother to read will be banned from the Discussion Web and no longer permitted to enter.

This is a sophisticated piece of software that is new to me as well so please be patient if we encounter a few glitches in the next few weeks getting our new Web Board up and running smoothly.  If you have any questions or problems registering please contact me at 

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