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 Rolling Oaks Christmas Lights...2001

As the name implies... here are some homes of Rolling Oaks, all lit up in lights for the Christmas Holiday.  

Christmas at 1639 Jaguar Court
In keeping with the 12 year tradition of covering there house with Christmas lights by there late father Frank Iannotti, brothers Anthony, Mark and Ed have again this year displayed they family talent.  Although brothers Tony and Mark live out of town they both make the trip to Apopka to help brother Ed in putting it all together.  This year their theme of Christmas in the U.S.A. is one that you must see.  I hope all residents get a chance to view the Iannotti brothers beautiful light display.  I think you would agree... there father would have been proud of there work.

Santa will surly stop by 534 Timberwolf Trail this year. A beautiful display of lights.

The lights at 534 Timberwolf are so nice it deserves two photos.

The "Rook" family lights at 632 Cheetah Trail.

White lights surround 1314 Wildcat Court.

The home at 1667 Cheetah Trail is outlined in Christmas colored lights.

Brian & Pamela Perez at 1681 Jaguar Court have the Florida Christmas spirit...!

R. Sherwin & E. Ortiz at 1327 Yvonne Street house looks very nice this year.

1503 Kangaroo of the "best" lighted house in Rolling Oaks.

563 Timberwolf Trail is all lit up this year from ground to roof.

Next door to563, 557 Timberwolf continues to light up the street.

"Wild lights" nicely done on 1326 Wildcat Court.

Red, White and Blue is the theme on Cheetah Trail

Up and set back 1046 Cheetah Trail is all lit in white Christmas lights.

Santa is on his way... to 1627 Silver Fox Circle

Silver Fox Circle

Silver Fox Circle

Christmas is just around the corner at 1580 Silver Fox Circle.

Santa... don't be late to 1516 Silver Fox Circle.  A couple of kids are waiting...!

1000 Grizzly Court

Silver Fox Circle

Jaguar Circle

White is the theme at 1635 Silver Fox Circle, nicely done

1634 Silver Fox Circle got there lights on early for me.

Born in the U.S.A... is the theme nicely done at 611 Timberwolf Trail.

Wildcat Court

Two story of lights at 1325 Bobcat Court.

498 Timberwolf Trail tastefully done.

The trees at 1040 Grizzly Court cant hide the colorful lights of the "Pomalas" home.

1225 Yvonne Street

New resident first Christmas at1618 Silver Fox Circle.

Just across the street 539 Timberwolf is dripping in beautiful white lights.

1344 Yvonne Street

1335 Yvonne Street

1218 Yvonne Street is all outlined with colored lights for the Holidays.

just next door 1226 Yvonne is complete with Frosty the  Snow Man

1241 Yvonne Street

1327 Wildcat Court

1314 Wildcat Court

418 Llama Court

400 Llama Court

406 Llama Court

Grizzly Court

1072 Grizzly Court takes white lights all around there house.

Many Christmas trees light up the home at 1089 Grizzly Court.

Camel Court

1512 Camel Court

1509 Black Bear Court

1520 Black Bear Court

Bison Circle

88 Bison Circle

512 Bison Circle

537 Bison Circle

433 Bison Circle

448 Bison Circle

Bison Circle

420 Bison Circle

432 Bison Circle

512 Bison circle

1520 Kangaroo Court

616 Gray Squirrel Court

Bison Circle

Bison Circle

Bison Circle

1533 Silver Fox Circle

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