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Coordinators / Block Captains
Our Neighborhood Watch Program begins with Coordinators and Block Captains.   Rolling Oaks consists of 385 homes.   With this protection it is suggested that (1) Coordinator be assigned to every 100 homes.   Therefore we will need (4) Coordinators.   The second and most important part of the Neighborhood Watch Network are Block Captains.   It is necessary to have one Block Captain for approximately every ten homes.   The responsibilities of Coordinators and Block Captains are as outlined in the Orange County Sheriff's Office Crime Protection Guide.   For a copy contact Phil Rohm at 407-889-4058 or  

We are looking to enlist Coordinators and Block Captains for all streets of Rolling Oaks.  We will be recruiting over the next few weeks door to door. 

 Remember you can and do make a difference in our community.   If you are interested please contact Phil Rohm, 407-889-4058  or 


   1   Phil & Kaleina Rohm   Cheetah Trail   407-889-4058
   2   Larry & Julie Klien   Cheetah Trail   407-880-9753
   3   Jonas & Elena Pomales   Grizzly Court   407-880-7543
   4   John LoRusso   Silver Fox Circle   407-880-3088
   5   Officer Nathan Dunn   Silver Fox Circle   407-889-7939
   6   James Allen   Silver Fox Circle   407-880-2484
   7   David & Lourie Tavers   Timberwolf Trail   407-814-0224
   8   David & Kimberly Davidson   Timberwolf Trail   407-814-9986
   9   Ken Newton   Timberwolf Trail   407-880-5109
 10   Brian DuBose   Timberwolf Trail   407-884-0360
 11   Frank & Laura Dailey   Yvonne St   407-880-5932
 12   Teri Oden   Yvonne St   407-889-9361
 13   Doug Mills   Yvonne St   407-889-4072
 14   Mary Byerly   Yvonne St   407-889-6980
 15   Kathy Walker   Yvonne St   407-889-3572
 16   Cystal Cipriani   Yvonne St   407-880-4874

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