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Webmaster Page


October 7, 2007

Hello everyone, I am the guy that created and maintains the web site here at Rolling Oaks.  My name is John LoRusso, and I live here at 1500 Silver Fox Circle. 

I have created this Webmaster Page for information that I feel you should know or that would  make this site more helpful to all of you. 

First off let me mention that I am going to be up dating this entire site.  Since the completion of our front entrance project, I have not done much to the site and I know I need to do some work to get it  current again.  It is a lot of work but I will do my best for you all.   On that note I would like to mention a few things that are important to me in working on the site.   One of the first things I would like to start on is the "Residents Page".   To do this I will get the Rolling Oaks resident home owners list from the orange county site.  But even with that, the list is not current.  So if you are new to Rolling Oaks and would like to be included on the Residents Page with the right address, you need to let me know by sending me an email with your information that you would like included.   Also let me mention that for your privacy I only list your name and address here in Rolling Oaks.  No other information will be included unless you wish me to add it such as children names, ages,  phone number, web site address and email address. 

Also I would like to mention that if you email me for any reason, please include your full name and address so I know who you are.  Some of you will hopefully send me information or ideas to include in this site and I may need to get back to you. 

Also I would like to ask all residents to email me  with your name and email address.  Your email will not be given out to anyone.  I recently had a computer crash and lost most of my email address book containing most of your email addresses.  I would like to get a complete email data base of all of you for a monthly email newsletter I am working on.

October 31, 2007

Phil Rohm, leaving Rolling Oaks

Today I wanted to write you  about a change to one of our residents.  Some of you may know that Phil and Kaleina Rohm and there 3 boys have left Rolling Oaks.  

 I got to know Phil on a summer day several years ago, just before he approached me to help with the front entrance project.  If you ever got to meet Phil I think you would agree that he is an engaging guy and someone you would like to be around. 

With the odds against us, Phil as our President was the glue that held everyone and everything together to accomplish the formable task of completely rebuilding our front entrance.   Those of us that also volunteered and did our fair share of work on the project know that to be very true.

 In many of the technical areas, Phil was the one who solved the issues with Apopka and Orange County.  From our application for the ReNew Grant from Orange County from which we received $15,000.00 to permits and engineering issues with Apopka and Orange County, it was Phil’s work that was so critical to our success.   Many of you may not know this but if you go to the “Front Entrance” page here on the site you will see Phil receiving one of only two “Orange County Recognition Awards” from Mayor Richard Crotty, the day we received out grant.  An award well deserved…

 We all here at Rolling Oaks owe Phil our thanks for the many hours of work, meetings and effort he put forth that in many cases was the difference of success or failure.

 So it is with heart felt regret that I write this note to tell all of you that he has left Rolling Oaks for residence closer to his work.

 Gone maybe but not forgotten.   Phil take care buddy and thanks for all you done for us here at Rolling Oaks… 

November 19,2007

Rolling Oaks 1st Annual Garage Sale

As most of you may know by now we are about to have our first event since we finished the Front Entrance project now nearly 2 years ago.  Our 1st Annual Garage Sale should be a fun event with lots of traffic and hopefully for those of you that have stuff to sell, profitable.

In my note to you today I wanted to tell you about some things that I think you all should know.  Several months ago both front entrance light that light up our front entrance signs were stolen. These lights were the commercial type and expensive.  Also you may have noticed the electricity has not been on for even the third sign on the south side for several weeks.  The reason for this is because of an unpaid electric bill from several months totaling $168.00.  Our power was cut off for non payment.   The money that pays for our front entrance electric bill comes from donations that all of you give on the site here.   We have not received any donations in a longtime and all our funds have run out and therefore, no power.

That is the bad news. The good news is that one of your neighbors has took it upon himself to call Progress Energy and negotiate the return of our power and has put up his own money to pay our back bill and a deposit to make this all happen.  He has also purchased two spotlights and installed them back on the two front entrance signs.  We all owe James Allen a big thank you for single handily saving Christmas this year here at Rolling Oaks.

 So now you all know the real reason we are having a community Garage Sale here at Rolling Oaks.  We need all of you to help out with donating a small portion of what you make this weekend on your garage sale and come back to our site here click on a donate link, (there on almost every page) and make a donation so we can keep the lights on each month.   

Please don’t forget to donate…!









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